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Test and Exam Booking

The Test and Exam administrative module is a full management interface for staff that allows scheduling of new exams, scheduling of proctors, room re-assignments, grouping, exporting and generating documents, and emailing functionality. ClockWork gives you full control over the test booking process but also provides assistance by automating common functionality and providing easy access to data.


  • Allows your team to view test information from a variety of angles quickly and easily. The “group by” feature allows tests to be organized into groupings such as course or instructor.

  • Gain visibility through automated notification rules. Notifications include items such as student dropped their course, student’s accommodations were modified after the test was booked, test copy from instructor has not been received, and many others.

  • Tests can be scheduled in real-time including room and resource scheduling based on student’s approved accommodations.

  • Facilitates tracking of student no-shows and actual test start and end times.

  • Manage exam booking status using color code

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