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ClockWork Release Notes

We recommend that all ClockWork updates be installed and tested in a development environment before applying the update in a production environment.



Resolved Issues

  • CKI-1081 : Admin - No sync licenses were found' message in the ClockWork users to sync setting when there is a Google Sync license key installed

  • CKI-1076 : Alternate Format - Unable to recreate any Media Content Items that have been previously deleted from the Alt-Format media library

  • CKI-1105 : Calendar Sync - Certain days can be skipped in the slow sync

  • CKI-1082 : Calendar Sync - Users with delegate access are removed from the sync list

  • CKI-1122 : Student Data - Document saved into rich text box control may not be visible if there is no text saved into the control as well

  • CKI-1077 : Student Data - The 'preferredname' mail merge code does not display the student's first name when the preferred name field is empty

  • CKI-1141 : Test Booking - Booking an un-booked student doesn't remove the student from the un-booked students table

  • CKI-1045 : Online Instructor - Accommodation mail merge codes populate a list of accommodations on the same line in an HTML template


  • CKI-1123 : Web Portal Accessibility - URL hyperlinks will now be displayed with Bold and Underlined text to assist students with visual impairments

  • CKI-1110 : Web Portal Accessibility - H1 header tags added several web pages where no H1 was specified

New Features

  • CKI-1016 : Test Booking - New cutoff time setting for instructor creating a class definition. Instructors will not be able to create a class test if the current date is within the cut-off date specified.

  • CKI-1162 : Online Forms - New module created to allow students to complete customs forms online. Completed forms will appear in a staff queue within the ClockWork application.

  • CKI-1161 : Online StudentFiles - New functionality added to allow students to upload documentation online. Newly added files will appear in a staff queue within the ClockWork application.

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ClockWork Release Notes

Resolved Issues

  • CKI-951 : Admin - Letter issued date is still captured when generating an accommodation letter when 'Don't update LOA issued date...' setting is set to 'True'

  • CKI-955 : Alternate Format - Unable to approve a request that came in from Online AltFormat if there is already an in-progress request for the same book/format for another student

  • CKI-941 : Alternate Format - Duplicate triggers for alternate media request completed email template

  • CKI-789 : Alternate Format - New Media content does not require proof of purchase by default if the media content is imported

  • CKI-1048 : Calendar - A user can still create an appointment in ClockWork when the 'Book appointments' permission is set to 'False'

  • CKI-965 : Calendar - When opening ClockWork, the second to the last Calendar tab is always the active tab on startup

  • CKI-1021 : Service Providers - Click Cancel on "Find Student" brings up a Request for the currently selected Student instead of cancelling the request

  • CKI-1051 : Student Data - PerDate forms are not read-only when the setting 'Which per date forms should be read-only after they're initially created?' is enabled

  • CKI-981 : Student Data - Apostrophe in the subject line and body of email template displayed as '&apos'

  • CKI-964 : Student Data - Rich textbox delay after a mouse click

  • CKI-957 : Student Data - Pop-up Text box does not appear when trigger rule is configured for PerAppointment data

  • CKI-853 : Test Booking - Type field empty for Final Exams booked through the Batch Final Exam Booker tool

  • CKI-1037 : Online Alternate Format - Authenticated account is not logged out when clicking on 'logout' from the Alternate format module

  • CKI-980 : Online Alternate Format - Unable to download multiple files as '.zip' from the 'My files' tab

  • CKI-978 : Online Alternate Format - Unable to submit a request for new media content created by the student

  • CKI-975 : Online Alternate Format - Student is redirected to the student homepage when an external login page is in use (CAS, Shibboleth, ADFS)

  • CKI-970 : Online Alternate Format - Error message received when clicking the 'Search' icon that appears under registered courses where no course-specific content is available

  • CKI-960 : Online Alternate Format - Alt Format student trigger email CC and BCC field not sending out the email to the configured email inboxes

  • CKI-974 : Online Appointment Booking - Appointments booked by students do not get removed from the list of potential appointments (Issue only impacts Internet Explorer)

  • CKI-959 : Online Appointment Booking - Data captured in Pre-book form is not displayed in ClockWork

  • CKI-1025 : Online Instructor - Error page displayed for instructors while attempting to confirm/edit class tests online when they have both an instructor and an alt-contact account in ClockWork.

  • CKI-1010 : Online Instructor - The Instructor display setting 'Invalid file format message for file uploads' does not change the wording displayed in the message that appears online for instructors

  • CKI-1042 : Online Intake - Students already in CW are removed from the intake queue after the data sync

  • CKI-1026 : Online Intake - New Logging to capture if form data is not saving

  • CKI-979 : Online Intake - Online Intake form data does not come in if the student account is already in the system

  • CKI-1046 : Online Note Taking - HTML characters sometimes displayed for students accessing notes online

  • CKI-1034 : Online Note Taking - When uploading notes from Edge or IE, the filename contains the full path to the file - which contains the Note-takers username

  • CKI-997 : Online Note Taking - Students unable to access note-taking notes after the course has ended when 'How many days after the course end date should the student still be able to download notes for the course?' is configured

  • CKI-323 : Online Self-Registration - When a student requests a special accommodation, a notification email does not send to the CC or BCC fields in the Email template

  • CKI-1012 : Online Test Booking - Display setting 'Message to student when no existing class date/times are available to choose from' does not update test booking wizard accordingly

  • CKI-487 : Online Test Booking - Test Booking confirm page expanded horizontally when accommodation is too long


  • CKI-1024 : Admin - New 'PreferredName' Mail merge that can be used to populate the student's preferred name if present. If the preferred name field is empty, the first name will be displayed.

  • CKI-1020 : Admin - Remove deprecated Default Selection property 'Current_date' for date controls

  • CKI-1017 : Calendar - Change the default focus in the POC window to the Student field instead of the Date field

  • CKI-999 : Online - Test Booking New special accommodations parameter 'pushtotomorrowskipweekends' added which will allow a Friday test booking appointment to be shifted to Monday

  • CKI-958 : Online - Test Booking Prevent instructor from creating a new class test definition if one already exists for the specified date

New Features

  • CKI-1015 : Student Data - Create a new 'Email Instructor' function from the right-click menu of the 'Courses' tab of Student information

  • CKI-1056 : Online Intake - Created a new 'Sync intake data' option in the intake queue interface to be used for intaking students who already exist in ClockWork

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ClockWork Release Notes

Resolved Issues

  • CKI-867 : Admin - Server Job Admin Email templates are not populating context data from mail merge codes

  • CKI-836 : Admin - The word 'None' only appears for grouped accommodation mail merge codes when generating a single letter for all courses

  • CKI-735 : Admin - Unable to authenticate through ADFS or Portal Guard

  • CKI-591 : Admin - Accent characters within the email template and document template converted to different characters after saving the template

  • CKI-888 : Alternate Format - Files stored in the media library no longer accessible after updating from the previous release ( and below)

  • CKI-842 : Alternate Format - Completed Requests are not moved into different Request Statuses after staff/student actions

  • CKI-738 : Alternate Format - Unable to add upload Alt-Media content for files larger than 1MB

  • CKI-769 : Calendar - Appointment canceled online by a student is not immediately reflected in the ClockWork Calendar

  • CKI-661 : Calendar - No attendees are removed when selecting 'Clear all attendees'option

  • CKI-631 : Calendar - New appointment types come with a default icon when creating appointments, but there is no way to remove the default icon.

  • CKI-856 : Calendar - Sync All Day appointments booked in Outlook are synced to ClockWork with an incorrect end date

  • CKI-794 : Reports - TPRO: Per appointment form data does not return from data captured in ClockWork

  • CKI-697 : Reports - Clicking 'Cancel' while stepping through a report will still run the report

  • CKI-696 : Reports - Unchecked steps from a stepped through report do not stay unchecked in the second window

  • CKI-575 : Reports - Unable to Save Report as Text formatted

  • CKI-758 : Service - Providers Mail merge code 'serviceprovideremail2' populating the service provider username instead of their alternate email

  • CKI-870 : Student Data - A user can still edit the instructor information of a course when 'Edit lookup course info' permission set to false

  • CKI-852 : Student Data - Preset date in Accommodation Expiry date control button also causes an error

  • CKI-846 : Student Data - Unable to type the date in date control before a date is selected

  • CKI-844 : Student Data - Met with column data disappearing after clicking a new appointment

  • CKI-806 : Student Data - Session Note Data not saved if the appointment is highlighted in ClockWork Calendar

  • CKI-770 : Student Data - Accommodation Expiry date control defaults to the wrong year

  • CKI-767 : Student Data - Refreshing session notes triggers 'This is not your appointment' message even if it is your appointment

  • CKI-741 : Student Data - 'Credits' column not being mapped in the courses data sync

  • CKI-740 : Student Data - Application hangs when modifying template accommodations if the student has any legacy accommodation controls specified

  • CKI-617 : Student Data - CheckBox Mailmerge code with 'checkbox=1' tag is not displaying the checkbox in an accommodation letter

  • CKI-851 : Test Booking - Prof Acknowledged data lost when saving a test in the application

  • CKI-847 : Test Booking - 'scheduleddurationwithoutbreaks' and 'scheduledendtimewithoutbreaks' merge codes not populating information for Final exams

  • CKI-737 : Test Booking - Unable to Open Tests/Exams that contain an alternate location or a note from the Invigilator/Proctor tab

  • CKI-838 : Online Accommodation Letters - 'Date letter available' field does not display the date for instructors when the accommodation letter is generated in ClockWork

  • CKI-736 : Online Accommodation Letters - Students unable to access accommodation letters online with 'Only show template accommodations letter' setting enabled

  • CKI-678 : Online Accommodation Letters - Students able to download their LOA online prior to staff generating in ClockWork

  • CKI-935 : Online Alternate Format - Incorrect personID captured in triggered email templates

  • CKI-882 : Online Alternate Format - Course-specific content not loading on the second attempt

  • CKI-742 : Online Alternate Format - Course Specific Alt-Media files appear in the session that the student made the request in instead of the session of the specific course

  • CKI-731 : Online Alternate Format - The courses drop-down does not work and Searching for books will not search in Internet Explorer

  • CKI-871 : Online Appointment Booking - Unable to select different channels from the list view

  • CKI-845 : Online Appointment Booking - The list view calendar needs to be refreshed manually when selecting a date

  • CKI-755 : Online Note Taking - Default email templates using 'course' mail merge code that is not populating data

  • CKI-748 : Online Note Taking - Equivalent courses stored procedure always pointing to default regardless of Admin Setting

  • CKI-849 : Online Self-Registration - Staff notification email still sent if email is active checkbox left unchecked

  • CKI-532 : Online Surveys - Survey requiring login also requires the student to be in ClockWork, no error is displayed for this

  • CKI-908 : Online Test Booking - Unable to book a test/exam with all accommodations when the setting 'Show the accommodations the student did not select...' is set to 'True' in Exam booking Web module settings

  • CKI-840 : Online Test Booking - Unable to Cancel Tentative appointments as a student

  • CKI-756 : Online Test Booking - Instructors able to submit file types that are not specified in the setting 'File types that the instructor is allowed to upload'

  • CKI-747 : Online Test Booking - Warning message not displayed for students when attempting to book a final exam with no test related accommodations

  • CKI-739 : Online Test Booking - Student is unable to book an Exam online within the Final Exam period dates specified in Admin

  • CKI-545 : Online Workshops - Information entered in online Booking form is not visible in ClockWork

Resolved Accessibility Issues

  • CKI-515 : Alternate Format - Available start/end dates when marking job complete does not read with a screen reader

  • CKI-734 : Calendar - Student context cleared too quickly with Text calendar


  • CKI-817 : Admin - ldap/activedirectory will ignore case when checking return attributes if the return attribute key is initially not found

  • CKI-768 : Admin - Removed deprecated setting 'Report to publish for the exam booking module (will show up in the action panel on the right)'

  • CKI-753 : Admin - Invalid mail merge code 'sfirstname' in default alternate format email templates, corrected to 'firstname'

  • CKI-752 : Admin - Corrected setting wording of duplicate 'Requests submitted thank you message' setting to 'Requests submitted failed message'

  • CKI-751 : Admin - Spelling Error in 'Requests subtmitted thank you message' corrected to 'submitted'

  • CKI-780 : Service Providers - Creating a request for an interpreter or a peer notetaker without a course will no longer be filtered from the service requests listing

  • CKI-837 : Online Alternate Format - No space in 'PublishedDate' when a student creates a new media content

  • CKI-899 : Online Appointment Booking - General improvements to the interface for online appointment booking

  • CKI-782 : Online Appointment Booking - Ignore test/exam appointments when restricting students from booking multiple appointments

New Features

  • CKI-760 : Admin - New permission added which can be used to only allow access to 'Manage rooms' area of ClockWork Admin

  • CKI-475 : Calendar - Fast Load appointment patch applied with DB patch. This will help to improve speed of the calendar interface for departments that have a large number of appointments in ClockWork

  • CKI-893 : Reports - New Cross Reference with Accommodation Data report step added that will function similar to the existing Cross Reference with Per Student Data report step

  • CKI-843 : Online - Alternate Format New setting created to allow students to select a preferred format type when entering a request online

  • CKI-889 : Online - Appointment Booking New setting created that will allow users to restrict the number of appointments that a student can book per day

  • CKI-860 : Online - Intake New Setting to allow for Multi-department intake queue configurations

  • CKI-890 : Online - Self-Registration New setting to hide the optional note area

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ClockWork Release Notes

Resolved Issues

  • CKI-595 : Admin - Force authentication required for all pages setting is crashing the web portal

  • CKI-589 : Admin - No POC created for student when a template email sent from the 'Accommodation Requests (all)' area of ClockWork

  • CKI-588 : Admin - The mail merge code 'from' is not populating the default from address

  • CKI-511 : Admin - Cannot view/toggle the "Use 'Sub-Title" field for appointments setting on user/group/everyone settings

  • CKI-509 : Admin - Edit instructors tool - Visual bug with instructor exempt from data sync check box

  • CKI-498 : Admin - Legacy Controls causing generating error in ClockWork

  • CKI-665 : Alternate Format - Media content format type missing

  • CKI-597 : Alternate Format - Special Characters ()/\<> in Media content short title causing errors when attempting to download the file

  • CKI-558 : Alternate Format - Search by Author doesn't return all the books for the same author

  • CKI-473 : Alternate Format - Removed read-only confirm checkbox from 'See proof of purchase' button

  • CKI-609 : Calendar - Have the latest version of TeamViewer Quick Support installed with ClockWork client (same as website version)

  • CKI-522 : Calendar - Font size inconsistencies when increased through 'My Settings' Key Affected Module Release Notes - Summary

  • CKI-493 : Calendar - Email drag and drop POC does not bring in the attachment from the email

  • CKI-467 : Calendar - Calendar needs to be refreshed after marking appointment 'Student is waiting' for the icon to appear

  • CKI-571 : Reports - Alternate Format reports returning no Data

  • CKI-570 : Reports - Reports produce no results when entering a student number with lowercase characters

  • CKI-513 : Reports - Reports Crashing reports module when connected to ClockWork Server

  • CKI-490 : Reports - Survey Module Reports failing

  • CKI-484 : Reports - Cross Reference issue when a student exists multiple times in the returned data

  • CKI-478 : Reports - Built in ClockWork Report: 'TPRO: Per date form data' not returning any data captured on the form

  • CKI-645 : Student Data - Using the setting "Form Ordering in tabs in student info" setting disrupts the default ordering of the student info tab

  • CKI-624 : Student Data - long Label caption does not show last line of text on form

  • CKI-604 : Student Data - Alternate contacts in a course not visible in the course detail view

  • CKI-592 : Student Data - Clicking the Alert button does not bring up the alerts message box

  • CKI-565 : Student Data - Error when opening attachment in POC Rich Textbox

  • CKI-502 : Student Data - Error when mapping to check box controls for Student Data Sync

  • CKI-483 : Student Data - Code behind on data forms only running once after code is updated

  • CKI-479 : Student Data - Mandatory Enforce Type is not working when used on a per appointment data forms

  • CKI-464 : Student Data - Drag and drop en email with icons in the signature from Outlook to ClockWork ribbon bar

  • CKI-458 : Student Data - Text Formatting lost with POC created from Outlook email (Drag and drop)

  • CKI-454 : Student Data - An unreadable POC is created with Drag and drop emails that contain icons/images in the staff signature

  • CKI-443 : Student Data - Copy/Paste Outlook email with hyperlink error

  • CKI-625 : Test Booking - Students with cancelled Tests/Exams still displayed in the 'Students' step of the Instructor wizard

  • CKI-610 : Test Booking - Manually booked tests appearing as 'Booked' when 'Default all new test and exam booking to tentative' Setting set to 'True'

  • CKI-608 : Test Booking - 'Duration' value does not include break time until after the booking is saved/reopened

  • CKI-489 : Test Booking - Test Booking Rooms setting XML not updating order change

  • CKI-472 : Test Booking - Drop list accommodations are not registered as test booking assets

  • CKI-468 : Test Booking - Can't access " View modification history" from "Tests and Exams"

  • CKI-462 : Test Booking - Date range in Test booking module does not follow the semester range set in clockwork

  • CKI-615 : Workshops - 'Advanced' Tab for recurring appointments not displaying the start/end time already specified in the appointment

  • CKI-543 : Workshops - Maximum attendees set when creating an Event is not being set as default when creating appointments for the workshop

  • CKI-536 : Workshops - Calendar Tab in Workshops produces error when double-clicking

  • CKI-534 : Online Accommodation Letters - Instructor able to view student letter after course has ended regardless of value in 'Accommodation letters extension on course end date for authorization for students' setting

  • CKI-620 : Online Alternate Format - Default setting for Alt-Format homepage has broken links

  • CKI-557 : Online Alternate Format - Unable to download previously uploaded media file

  • CKI-471 : Online Alternate Format - Unable to access the Alt Format Web module when logged in as another user

  • CKI-628 : Online Appointment Booking - Channel Availability Rule: Uses only first Availabilities' settings information for all appointments in Channel when there are multiple Availabilities set

  • CKI-528 : Online Appointment Booking - Date Picker loses day-of-week row when moving forward/back. Also changes to 8 columns

  • CKI-619 : Online Intake - Files uploaded to single file upload controls in the Online Intake from will be removed if the submit attempt fails due to missing mandatory controls

  • CKI-518 : Online Intake - Calendar button not visible for Date control on the Online Intake Form

  • CKI-453 : Online Intake - Apostrophe written in the Online Intake Form is not displayed properly when viewing the form in ClockWork Client

  • CKI-605 : Online Note Taking - Unable to create a note taking request as a student when there is an existing service provider request for the same course with a different service provider type

  • CKI-574 : Online Note Taking - Minimum Sample notes a note taker can upload setting logic issue

  • CKI-486 : Online Required Form - Email not sent when student complete the form

  • CKI-626 : Online Self-Registration - Student able to submit self-reg request with no template accommodation specified

  • CKI-538 : Online Self-Registration - Special accommodation notification email not being sent when assigned advisor is blank

  • CKI-535 : Online Self-Registration - Student able to submit self reg request after course has ended

  • CKI-569 : Online Staff Calendar - List view not available in online staff calendar

  • CKI-533 : Online Staff Calendar - All appointment types available in Online Staff Calendar regardless of 'Appointment types allowed' setting

  • CKI-623 : Online Test Booking - Instructor can create a class test for a course that has ended

  • CKI-584 : Online Test Booking - Instructor is able to edit class tests for courses that have ended, even when 'Test / Exam extension on course end date for authorization for students' setting set to '0'

  • CKI-583 : Online Test Booking - Instructor able to update class test date after the cutoff date has passed

  • CKI-512 : Online Test Booking - Instructor confirm setting values have no impact on instructor portal

  • CKI-495 : Online Test Booking - Dashes in a Class Test definition preventing the instructor from proceeding through the Test Booking Wizard

  • CKI-492 : Online Test Booking - The student can book online test regardless if they have an accommodation or not

  • CKI-480 : Online Test Booking - When booking second test for the same course, the student is unable to provide a different time in the time picker as you have to select one value from the radio buttons

  • CKI-540 : Online Workshops - Booked Workshop with 0 Available spaces left after booking doesn't show "You are booked"

Resolved Accessibility Issues

  • CKI-500 : Test Booking - 'Choose columns' area is not accessible

  • CKI-637 : Online Test Booking - Date of Class Test' field not read by screen reader in Google Chrome


  • CKI-634 : Admin - Spelling Error in 'Only allow counsellors who had the appointment with the student to enter the assessement' Setting, corrected to 'assessment'

  • CKI-555 : Admin - Ability to hide the 'Submit comment' on all web modules

  • CKI-587 : Alternate Format - Is media content reusable? Functionality moved to media content file instead of media content

  • CKI-636 : Calendar - Clicking 'Print Calendar' while holding the Shift Key will open the 'Print Calendar Image Options' window allowing the user to print custom calendars

  • CKI-612 : Inventory - Spelling mistake with Deleting an Inventory Group that is in use, error message says "it can be deleted", should be "it cannot be deleted"

  • CKI-614 : Service Providers - Add new 'Registration complete' column that will be visible when assigning a service provider to a request

  • CKI-633 : Test Booking - Users will be prompted to edit class test scheduled date/time when the class test is modified in ClockWork

  • CKI-724 : Online Alternate Format - Allow for multiple alternate format accommodations to be specified in the Admin Setting 'Alternate format accommodation control ids'

  • CKI-501 : Online Intake - New setting to revoke access to the new Online Intake Queue

New Features

  • CKI-460 : Reports - Added new report - list of students that have data synced today and had no courses in the external (Registrar) courses list.

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ClockWork Release Notes

Resolved Issues

  • CKI-469 : Admin - Server update returning error when scheduled through updating system

  • CKI-506 : Calendar Sync - Editing a ClockWork Appointment with multiple attendees will only sync to the organizer's Outlook calendar

  • CKI-505 : Calendar Sync - Attendee added to the ClockWork appointment after the appointment was created will not be added to the Outlook appointment

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ClockWork Release Notes

Resolved Issues

  • CKI-452 : Admin - Session notes association to appointment type was saving correctly on editing the appointment type (in admin), but not if set when initially creating the appointment type.

  • CKI-444 : Admin - Check ClockWorkServer certificate validity Server Job not running automatically

  • CKI-438 : Admin - Manage Surveys button shouldn't show if Web Module Settings button is hidden

  • CKI-451 : Calendar - Accommodations form view permission - users who are not allowed are being restricted from accessing, but don't get a message indicating that they don't have appropriate permission. This was causing confusion.

  • CKI-440 : Calendar - Drag and drop en email from Outlook to ClockWork ribbon bar is not working

  • CKI-58 : Calendar - Horizontal Line HTML error in email templates

  • CKI-354 : Student Data - Session Notes 'View Summary' not displaying bullet points

  • CKI-448 : Online Intake - Unable to view file in stored in Online Intake from from new Online Intake queue

  • CKI-449 : Online Self Registration - POC from Self-registration request shows some type of Syntax in the application email

  • CKI-441 : Online Test Booking - Instructors are unable to create class test definitions


  • CKI-447 : Student Data - Sort accommodations alphabetically for online test booking, self registration, accommodation letters

New Features

  • CKI-445 : Admin - Ability to drag and drop files to attach them into an email from Clockwork

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 ClockWork Release Notes

Resolved Issues

  • CKI-437 : Calendar - Font Size Override Setting, shouldn't allow a 0 value

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 ClockWork Release Notes

Resolved Issues

  • CKI-434 : Admin - Server Job 'Send automatic email reminder' step fails when using a template with an attachment

  • CKI-418 : Admin - Enforce overlap with class time setting not saving the minutes value

  • CKI-410 : Admin - Notes box not saving/displaying the data under Manage Inventory locations

  • CKI-409 : Admin - Creating new inventory catalogs returning an error

  • CKI-408 : Admin - Manage surveys' missing Icon in ClockWork Admin Module

  • CKI-375 : Admin - Is active' checkbox is not working in server jobs

  • CKI-357 : Admin - Special list view definitions errors out when trying to edit existing setting

  • CKI-184 : Admin - Visual issues on form when lower resolution display settings

  • CKI-77 : Admin - Multiple attached documents with email templates not being sent correctly

  • CKI-51 : Admin - Shift time to match end of day' checkbox in Test/Exam rules does not stay checked after saving

  • CKI-425 : Alternate Format - Check/accept receipt option from right click menu not displaying receipt uploaded online by student

  • CKI-424 : Alternate Format - Error thrown when trying to view cancelled jobs

  • CKI-366 : Alternate Format - Invocation error when creating new media content that already exists

  • CKI-422 : Calendar - Appointment Attendees/Resource doesnt increment

  • CKI-421 : Calendar - Personal Info form display issue under Extra tab My Setting

  • CKI-394 : Calendar - Rich text box file drop is not saving the file

  • CKI-368 : Calendar - Ribbon Bar issues when first attempt to login to ClockWork fails

  • CKI-358 : Calendar - Met with' column appears blank for first POC created by Staff member who is not in the Admin group

  • CKI-100 : Calendar - Appointment "Fast Tooltips" option not working

  • CKI-87 : Calendar - Hidden Rich TextBox control value doesn't appear in 'View Summary' section of a per appointment form

  • CKI-68 : Calendar - Show time as' column on per appointment form is not displaying the show time as information from the appointment

  • CKI-63 : Calendar - Selecting a Date when adding a document to a file list control showing non-standard date format (MMM-DD-YYYY)

  • CKI-54 : Calendar - Notify Support' button in ClockWork error

  • CKI-48 : Calendar - My availability - Unable to select different days within the same month

  • CKI-47 : Calendar - Text View Calendar stuck in an error loop

  • CKI-46 : Calendar - Script Error when clicking on the News button

  • CKI-392 : Inventory - Adding a deleted product back into the inventory module returning an error

  • CKI-112 : Reports - Batch Emails Step Reporting False Email Failures

  • CKI-106 : Reports - TPRO: Per date form data report pulling all per date forms even though the parameter is set to one per date form

  • CKI-78 : Reports - Per student form data' built-in report with file list control data returned as a single row with a column of concatenated file names and no separation

  • CKI-435 : Student Data - Error returned when closing add new student window from POC

  • CKI-420 : Student Data - Print summary button shows all hidden controls

  • CKI-399 : Student Data - Course Alternate contact list not saving employee ID

  • CKI-374 : Student Data - Refresh Button in Accommodations Tab does not refresh the page

  • CKI-61 : Student Data - Unable to view files in a file list control when using 'Only allow counsellors who had the appointment with the student to enter the assessment' setting

  • CKI-43 : Student Data - Courses time table location displaying start time and end time of the course instead of location

  • CKI-403 : Test Booking - Shift time to match end of day' test/exam booking rule appears,unchecked after saving

  • CKI-360 : Test Booking - ExamAccommodations mail merge code doesn't return anything

  • CKI-351 : Test Booking - Batch Final Exam Booking unsuccessful bookings do not show the reason in the info column

  • CKI-350 : Test Booking - Batch Final Exam Booking doesn't allow to re-book the test that is cancelled

  • CKI-348 : Test Booking - Batch Final Exam Booking scheduling exam without accommodations selected

  • CKI-346 : Test Booking - Batch Final Exam booking unable to open when connected to server

  • CKI-165 : Test Booking - Ask instructor to acknowledge receipt of test requests' has no visual output of the data captured for ClockWork users

  • CKI-37 : Test Booking - Unable to generate an Exam Sheet for multiple bookings with the template Word document contains a 'Text box'

  • CKI-426 : Online Alternate Format - Uploaded Receipt display issues in 'My files tab'

  • CKI-423 : Online Alternate Format - File available prior to the student uploading a proof of purchase

  • CKI-379 : Online Alternate Format - Alternate format emails get sent even though 'Active' checkbox is unchecked

  • CKI-377 : Online Alternate Format - Header Logo not showing on online alternate format

  • CKI-144 : Online Appointment Booking - Left and Right Arrow Icons are not showing under My Upcoming Events

  • CKI-400 : Online Intake - Students added from the new Online intake queue are brought into ClockWork with a blank intake form

  • CKI-393 : Online Intake - Textboxes with long labels don't render properly

  • CKI-389 : Online Intake - Multiple submissions with Online Intake Form when the 'Submit' button is clicked multiple times

  • CKI-175 : Online Intake - Visual alignment issue with Form controls

  • CKI-397 : Online Note Taking - Students are able to request a note taker for a course that has ended

  • CKI-60 : Online Note Taking - Note taking module accessible before accommodation approved through Self-Reg

  • CKI-429 : Online Self-Registration - POC not created when student enters Self-Reg Request

  • CKI-176 : Online Self-Registration - "Request" button does not work when student has no accommodations provided/ approved by staff in clockwork core.

  • CKI-406 : Online Staff Calendar - Refresh Button in Online Staff Calendar display issue

  • CKI-402 : Online Test Booking - Is active' checkbox from special accommodations area has no effect

  • CKI-388 : Online Test Booking - Students can see the start time for a final exam prior to the specified cut off in the settings

  • CKI-169 : Online Test Booking - Student able to book an exam even if the special accommodation to block the student is checked

  • CKI-86 : Online Test Booking - Class test definition Bug for deferred exams

  • CKI-376 : Online Tutoring - Can't see the tutor program, major and degree

  • CKI-378 : Online Workshops - Online WorkShop not working with 'Allow non-Clockwork student to automatically create an account in Clockwork' set to true

Resolved Accessibility Issues

  • CKI-114 : Admin - Screen reader does not work in the mail merge editor

  • CKI-398 : Student Data - Pressing tab bypassing Username and Employee ID fields when creating a new instructor and a New alternate contact

  • CKI-391 : Online Intake - Online Intake contrast issue

  • CKI-390 : Online Intake - Intake captcha is missing a lable


  • CKI-601 : Service Providers - Added More information in Service Providers tab table (Instructor and course)

New Features

  • CKI-600 : Online Intake - New Intake Queue management interface

  • CKI-599 : Online Self-Registration - Added a setting: 'Create a POC for the student when they submit a request'

  • CKI-598 : Online Surveys - Completed improvements to Online Surveys

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