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Service Providers

ClockWork’s Service Providers system is a powerful tool that comprises of administrative interface for staff and web access points to students and notetakers. The unique administrative interface provides tools for managing and matching different service requests.


  • The service provider manager assists with adding, editing and deleting a service request made by the student for a specific course.

  • Service requests can include a request for notetaker, interpreter, coach, peertutor, specialized tutor, etc

  • The system can automatically generate different types of lists, including pending requests, and request matched with the service providers and many others. Export and print these lists to many different file formats.

  • It also provides the mechanism to keep track of the availability status of requests through the ‘check availability feature’.

  • The notetaker coordinator could use the management service provider screen to
    assign a notetaker to student.

  • The coordinator can also add specific notes to a  service request using the mange notes feature

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