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Clark Hochstetler  DSPS Counselor

Experience before using ClockWork:

What challenges were you experiencing prior to purchasing ClockWork?

We were hugely paper-dependent with every process requiring multiple pieces of paper to be generated.  Every student process required direct interaction with a counselor which created backlogs and appointment bookings out two to three weeks during high volume periods. Limited physical space also created issues for maintaining files and managing all the paperwork. 
We were obviously looking for a better and more efficient way to serve our students, and for ways to encourage student independence and self-advocacy in managing disability and accommodation needs.

What made our product or service stand out against our competitors?

Clockwork in comparison to other products appeared to be more robust and multifaceted providing lots of flexibility for customization. Clockwork has a core case management and calendaring system with a variety of modules that allow you to build, add on, and customize as you evolve.  These options have allowed us to phase in components over time and to ease the transition for our staff, students, and faculty.
It was also the only product that we could actually ‘own’ and could be housed on our in-house servers.  All other products were ‘software as a service’ contracts.  While not the primary motivation for us, we found the cost of Clockwork w/ SMA overtime was actually less expensive than the other products.

What did your decision-making process look like?

We identified all the possible products that might have addressed our goals and arranged for online demonstrations with their representatives.  We identified schools that used the various programs and interviewed them about their experiences with those products.  We checked in with our IT department to ensure that they could provide support with our implementation and could provide server space.

Experience using our product/service:

How long did it take to get up and running? Did that meet your expectations? Who was involved in the process?

Our implementation was purposely slow and is being phased in over 18 mos.  We purchased the product in January, started the customization in February, and began training our ‘Implementation Team’ (one counselor, one classified staff) in March.  We conducted on-site user training for all DS staff in August. 
We transferred student and disability data from our SIS to Clockwork and went live with case-management, calendaring, and our online DS student application in November.  In January we began using our online faculty accommodation letter process.  This coming May we will implement the online test booking feature. 
With regard to expectations, I don’t think we quite understood how robust and versatile Clockwork was.  With all the options and processes available it takes time to determine the best course of action for your office. Overall we are very pleased with the progress we have made and the value it has added to our office; it continues to evolve and change as we continue to work with it.  Sometimes it is a little overwhelming but the tech support is very helpful.

What is your favorite feature? Why?

Thus far our favorite feature is the online accommodation request feature.  This allows current students to self-identify their accommodations and submit them to their instructors safely and securely online.  It allows the instructor to view the accommodations and confirm receipt of the notification.  Students can access the portal 24 hours a day 7 days a week and submit their accommodation requests.  Students are really excited about the process and they are feeling more independent and empowered to advocate for themselves.  


How have you benefited from using ClockWork?

Clockwork has changed workflow and work patterns in our office.  Prior to ClockWork, we were overwhelmed with the demand for appointments and meetings.  In these early stages of our implementation, we are seeing some relief, with appointments now available within a day or two, or in some cases available for the same day.  More time is being spent with student issues rather than procedural paperwork.  Students are, at this point, very positive about the impact it has had on their ability to manage accommodations and the time needed to do it.

How is the product helping you save time and increase productivity?

See the above answer

Support (Post Implementation): 

Describe your experience with ClockWork Support Team?

The Clockwork support team is very knowledgeable, very supportive, very professional, and very quick in responding to questions and issues.  I should add they are also very patient with non-technical counselor types like me. 


What is the single biggest reason you would recommend ClockWork?

I can’t give you one, but I can give you three reasons: good product, good people and good support.

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