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Who are the people behind ClockWork?..

Did you know that ClockWork was created by an individual who worked in Student Services Department?

Mike Dinunzio is the CEO and head software developer for TechnoPro Computer Solutions , the producers of ClockWork. He started his vision in 2002 as part of his thesis project in his University studies. Besides working towards his Computer Science degree, he worked within the Disability Services department at McMaster University.

Mike worked along side Advisors, Counselors and Assitive Technologists to provide exceptional service to the McMaster Disability Services department. Understanding workflows and the needs of both the student and staff, he began to see the need to provide a software solution that would fit this unique environment.

Over time and with experience, he took the need for this software solution to other local universities and colleges. As the ClockWork community grew, so did the development within the product itself. Departments began to work along side CW and their developers to mold the software as the demands and workflows changed within the departments.

Now ClockWork is a comprehensive collective software used across North America.

What once started as a thesis project , has become a staple among Student Services Departments. Leading the way in innovation and service, TechnoPro looks forward to releasing new and exciting products in addition to ClockWork.

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