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Summer Series Employee Spotlight CONT: Kevin Alves

TechnPro is known to lead the way in terms of innovative software solutions for Colleges and Universities. What drives our success are those who are behind the product providing the client care and product support. These efforts are team orientated in nature, however is important to recognize those that led the team.

Kevin originally joined TPRO as a Software Support consultant 5 years ago, and quickly moved into the Team Lead role in our Support department. He leads by example on what it means to consistently provide excellent client care. He not only works independently to improve department workflows but also takes the time to help develop fellow peers’ ClockWork skill sets.

Kevin had worked in the telecommunications industry for many years. With his initiative and strong work ethic he has progressed into more technically in- depth roles. He is able to[CB1] manage all department resources, work alongside the development team, while still encouraging his team to grow in their respective positions.

Fun fact: Kevin is an avid runner. He will be taking part in an organized charity team run scheduled this fall. We appreciate all the grand things and everyday tasks that Kevin does for the team and the company. Your efforts are highly valued in how it positively impacts the whole TPRO team and company.

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