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Summer Series continued… Who are the people behind ClockWork? Spotlight on Maikel Garma de la Osa

Summer Series continued… Who are the people behind ClockWork?

TechnoPro is lucky to have a team of truly innovative software developers. For over 12 years, Maikel Garma de la Osa has worked diligently on the growth and technological developments within ClockWork.

Maikel holds both a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from one of the most prestigious Universities in Cuba. Once completed his studies he relocated to Canada. While working to establish himself within a new country, he became a pivotal person involved in planning the workflows and advancements in ClockWork

In 2016 he relocated to the US, to lead our TechnoPro Computer Solutions USA division. Holding title of the Senior Software Engineer/Architect he takes on the responsibility to manage the US software development team. Bringing new and exciting features to ClockWork as well as working on the Veterans software, which is specific for the US market.

Maikel is an exceptional team member that continues to bring his talents to the table. With his creativity and programing skill set there is no limit to the depth and success new projects will be achieved within TechnoPro. He is a pleasure to work with, bringing humor and fun to team. His passion for travel and running and all things outdoors help him shine as an outgoing personality of TechnoPro. Thank you Maikel for all that you do.

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