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Equipping student disability services to serve students with disabilities in an Online World.

Supporting students with disabilities has become more important now more than ever. We need to face what we do not know and learn how to support these students. The unknowns are powerful, but when we consider them together with our current knowledge, new possibilities emerge.

When we acknowledge that some students with disabilities do well in online programs, our conversation can move from “How can we support all these students?” to “What types of supports are needed for different types of students?”

Some of the challenges faced by students with disabilities in a remote environment:

- Lack of a consistent relationship between the student and their support professional.

- Lack of opportunity to ask questions in person, face to face (important for students with sensory issues).

- Difficulty in communicating with professors and instructors.

- No way to communicate their experience outside of the classroom.

Some of the challenges faced by student support professionals:

- Accessing information on the go.

- Managing an increasingly growing workload.

- Communicating vital information to students and instructors.

Clockwork is a cloud-based software designed for student support professionals who are now providing services to students with disabilities in a remote environment. Clockwork provides a suite of tools that allows professors and student support professionals to better communicate with each other, as well as the students themselves. ClockWork allows student support professionals to create appointments and information (case notes) that can be accessed at any time. The clockwork platform also features a calendar, which is great for scheduling appointments with students.

Here are some more features of Clockwork that can help Disability services:

- Deliver accommodation letters to students and instructors when needed.

- Allow students to post online lecture notes from their professors and instructors for other students.

- Create a database with all of the documentation submitted by students as well as updates about accommodation requests.

- Ability for students to book appointments online with their assigned advisors.

- Register for disability services from anywhere.

These features have been designed to help existing service providers work more efficiently and effectively with students with disabilities. Reach out to us to set up a free demo on how the software can help you streamline your workflow and provide the needed services.

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By Mary Baddam

Operations Manager

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