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Employee Spotlight Summer Series Cont: Mark Renfrew

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

Summer may be drawing to a close, but we still have more amazing TechnoPro people to showcase. Mark Renfrew has brought so much seasoned experience to our TPRO team. Although he only joined us in 2018, he has been working in the field of Post-Secondary Software and Assistive Technology for over 31 years. We were so pleased to have him with the company. He has brought a depth of experience from the industry that has helped improve workflows of the Implementation Department.

Mark is the go-to guy in our company when topics of Network Administration arises. He not only leads the team with the hosted migration for our new ClockWork clients, but he is in the background making sure that our office infrastructure is fully functioning.

Mark has a continual pursuit of knowledge. He holds a degree in electrical technology but passionately seeks to enhance his knowledge of hosted environments and the latest tech. He sees the bigger picture when it comes to project management but also is keen to the detail needed to make a project successful. Mark is an avid outdoors person. He loves camping and will make sure that he has annual back-country adventures. We always enjoy the beautiful pictures he shares from his trips.

Thank you, Mark, for being a pivotal part of the new growth for this company. As we lean more into the cloud environment, we are confident that your contributions will help us be successful in the endeavor

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