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Self Registration / Accommodation Requests

This module allows returning students to renew their accommodations each term or academic year. The student will be presented with a list of their approved accommodations from the previous year, along with a list of their current course registrations. They will be able to indicate whether any changes are required for their approved accommodations for the current school year. If changes are not required, the student will be automatically self-registered and each instructor will be automatically sent notification and access to the students new accommodation letter. If the student does require changes, a notification will be sent to their assigned advisor. The student is able to provide a note to their advisor explaining what changes they need. The advisor may choose to approve the requested changes, or to schedule an appointment with the student to go over the changes.


  • Automatically generate accommodation letters for upcoming sessions.

  • Automatic email notification sent to instructor with the web link to the letter.

  • Request for change or addition of accommodations can be made online.

  • Special Accommodation request alert  can be set to the Counsellor/Advisor to make alternate arrangements.

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