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Spotlight on Employee Summer Series Cont: Absan Abdulhafedh

It is often said that individuals see more of their coworkers than their family. Perhaps this holds true pre COVID times. However, at TechnoPro there is still a community and over- all family feel within our team. Absan is a prime example of a TPRO teammate that exhibit these qualities. For over 4 years, Absan has dedicated himself to growing within the Support Team. His wiliness to learn and adapt to changes while providing excellent client service has had him advance as a Senior Software Consultant.

Absan is CCNA Cisco certified and holds an Internet System Specialist diploma. He is constantly striving to improve himself. Working alongside his peers and helping train new employees. His drive to improve and take on new tasks always amazes the team. In addition to client support, Absan is very active with the marketing team. He has revamped our website and is involved with social media campaigns.

Absan is all about family. He creates a welcoming environment among our team. He is an individual that would give the shirt off his back to help others. He is truly a pleasure to work with. We are lucky and proud to call him a TechnPro employee and look forward his continued career growth within the company.

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