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Sharon Mone   Program Director / Assistant Director, Center For Academic Success

Experience before using Clockwork:

What challenges were you experiencing prior to purchasing Clockwork?

  1. We had multiple homegrown databases with no interface with student data (Banner).   Some of the databases were online, others were not.  We also did not have good reporting mechanisms built-in for student data, and if we did have a couple of reports, which were very generic and only a couple of people had any training or access to the reports.

  2. We needed/wanted to automate our intake form and process, increasing front desk tasks. 

  3. We were using paper accommodation letters which tied up office staff calendars and processes for over six weeks minimum due to their implementation for the start of each semester. 

  4. We had a very robust online note-taking system but needed and wanted to limit access to notes to the requesting student(s)to only their notes, not all we had on a semester basis which was the result of that online database.

  5. We did not have dedicated IT support personnel for the Banner database that the disability office was using which made it impossible to get changes, updates, etc., let alone run reports.  We had requests put in a queue with other division requests and had to wait, by priority, to receive assistance.

What made our product or service stand out against our competitors?

  1. We could replace the "Banner" database the disability services office was using (which was awful!)

  2. We knew we could replace TutorTrack for tutor scheduling should we add in this department 

  3. We knew we could automate the disability services intake form and front desk tasks 

  4. We could replace paper accommodation letters with an email to faculty 

  5. Replace the EPC HTML/Javascript webpages and paper process used for test administration

  6. Further automate note-taking, including limiting access to notes to the requesting student(s)

  7. Provide Interpreter, Pro Note Taker and TypeWell scheduling

  8. Streamlining capabilities in all business efforts

What did your decision-making process look like?

  1. Due to the pricing of CW, our Procurement Office requires us to have three separate quotes, and for me, this included live demos of their respective software, even though I knew I wanted CW.

  2. Early on, I had a team go with me to another University (out of state)  who was still in their beginning stages of using the product and get a first-hand look at the product.  They had the software up and running and were using to navigate office systems and the notes module.

  3. I wrote up a business proposal as to why I needed/wanted this product, along with the strengths and weaknesses of each of the programs we had the demos.

Experience using our product/service:

How long did it take to get up and running? Did that meet your expectations? Who was involved in the process?

After I purchased the product, we had a major change in our IT department which affected our division, and down to our department.  No-fault of CW, but I had to wait an entire year after purchase before I could start with the basics to get the product up.  Because I was a year in and no results, I also was tasked to put up as many modules as possible in a very short timeframe.   I had a project lead (who had DB experience), as well as myself and one other person.

What is your favorite feature? Why?

I really don’t have just one favorite – sorry.  I am a huge supporter of this product – but you have to roll up your sleeves and get to know the product.  I spent countless hours learning the program, Admin, and Reports.   I can conceptualize what I want it to do, and feel we have submitted enough tickets and requests that other schools benefit from it as well. 


How have you benefited from using Clockwork?

1.  There isn’t enough space on this case study to truly explain all this program can do.  From streamlining office procedures and expectations to providing timely accommodations to our students, there are NUMEROUS ways we have all benefitted.   We customize reports to make it easier to report data.  We customize letters, emails, systems – based on office business practices.   We can hold letter production for a student or group of students based on how we identify students – and hold them accountable for attending a mandatory workshop, for example, before updating expiry dates and/or giving them the ability to send letters.

2.  What is my favorite feature?  Again – there isn’t a favorite.  The more you use and get to know, the more you love all the modules.  We have most open at this point and I literally can’t say I have a favorite – they all provide ways in which we optimize our day and the lives of our students and faculty.

Support (Post Implementation):

Please describe your experience with ClockWork Support Team?

Can I just say that I had heard others had had problems with the Support Team, and I literally have refuted each and every instance I hear of this.  We feel our needs are addressed – through a couple of times tickets were Closed prior to the issue being resolved.  Otherwise, I feel that over the past couple of years, in particular, you have hired truly top-notch 


What is the single biggest reason you would recommend ClockWork?

Productivity.  I’m sure we are not the only school faced with record numbers of students coming to their disability offices and we are told to work smarter, not harder.  There aren’t enough hours in the day to do things the old way’, nor do institutions have bottomless budgets that they can just keep hiring staff.  For me, Clockwork answers your disability’s office cries for support and help – and the best part – you get to control what and how you do what you want to do!    I love having a robust product that I feel extremely knowledgeable in navigating, teaching, and 'showing off’ – as this is exactly what anyone can do that purchases it!

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