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Accommodation Letters

For departments that issue accommodation letters, the Accommodation letter interface in ClockWork provides a very simple and quick method of generating letters. Staff can easily edit accommodation letter templates using the built-in template system. These templates are easily customizable and can include special codes that can generate data automatically for the approved accommodation types, email signatures of advisors, contact information, and other student information.


  • The accommodation letter can be issued confidentially to students and instructors either electronically or can be printed out and issued at the department

  • Letters can be sent via email in the form of an URL or as an attachment.

  • ClockWork also gives you the ability to generate a single accommodation letter for all courses or a letter for every course that has been added in ClockWork. Letters can be generated in both Word or PDF format.

  • The accommodation expiry date control can be used to set up an expiry date for accommodations that can be printed on the accommodation letter.

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